Getting older

Stan (from South Park) is getting older (he’s turned 10), and it’s a major transition. He can’t seem to get along with his friends, and to boot his parents are divorcing. Everything he used to enjoy looks and sounds like s__t.

The link is to a scene from an episode called “Ass Burgers” (a play on the word “Aspergers”), since the school therapist thinks Stan is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. Though it’s explained in the finale from last season (called “You’re Getting Old”) that Stan has become a “cynical a__hole.”

I can relate to this scene and others where stuff feels like crap to Stan, though I don’t see everything that way. I enjoy the stuff from when I was teenager, and some stuff I didn’t “get” back then. I’m “older,” and I can relate to feeling disgusted by the ploys that are used to entertain and persuade people now. I’ve felt the same way Stan feels, asking people, “You like this crap,” and seeing them enjoy it. I’ve had that feeling to some extent since my twenties, though it’s increased since I’ve gotten into my late 30s and beyond.

Anyway, the above scene made me laugh a lot. It’s just so masterfully irreverent and truthful.