“Commodore OS Vision”

From Google+

I happened upon a few videos talking about an operating system called “Commodore OS Vision”. It’s based on Linux Mint 10. As expected, the hardware runs on Intel. The commentary said it was going to run on “a new Amiga”. Well, the “new Amiga” is really a Linux PC. So, besides the “gee whiz neat” GUI on the thing (it looks like some video game designers were part of this. Neat stuff!), it doesn’t have the feeling of the design philosophy of the old Amiga. Not that I owned one, but I knew some things about it in the old days, and I had the chance to play around with it a couple times. Oh well. This is nice to look at, at least.

Here’s a March Time Techland article talking about it:


Despite what the reviewer says, it looks like there’s an Amiga emulator on it. So it should be able to run old Amiga software.