Holy moley!

I’ve known that Jackson has been working on The Hobbit for a while. It’s gone through some trials and tribulations, but it’s been getting made. I expected it to be one movie, but now he’s announcing it’ll be a trilogy all its own! Goodness. I thought I had seen a good enough movie version of it when I watched the Rankin-Bass animated version in the 1970s. Glenn Yarbrough’s “The Greatest Adventure” still rings in my ears…

Anyway, the first movie, “An Unexpected Journey,” is coming out this December. Cool!

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Whoa, The Hobbit has now become 3 movies… http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/07/30/the-hobbit-3-officially-announced

“A world without doubt” by Mark Guzdial

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I’ve been following Prof. Mark Guzdial’s blog for a while, from the days when he used to have an author’s blog on Amazon.com (he moved to WordPress). You can find his blog at: http://computinged.wordpress.com

The Weekly Squeak referred to a post on Mark’s blog from a few years ago, but the author makes a really good point that I hadn’t considered at the time.

GA Tech announced a few years ago that it was dropping Smalltalk from its CS curriculum (it had dropped Lisp in 1999), and was moving to a curriculum that begins with Python, but goes totally with the “C-languages”: C, C++, Java, and C#. TWS says that this was a move to a “world without doubt,” and that this has costs:

“Doubt is an ingredient of the creative process. Innovators aspire to live in as large a world as possible. To shrink one’s world is to shed possibilities.”

A world without doubt