David Stockman: The Great Deformation

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Like I’ve said before, I don’t necessarily agree at first blush with everything Stockman says, but he’s worth listening to. I didn’t see anything to object to in what he talked about here.

I liked hearing what he had to say about inflation towards the end. He agrees with the idea that we are seeing inflation, but only in the financial markets (he wasn’t specific, but I’m thinking he’s talking about the bond market), but its effects are being masked by global investments in mining and cheap labor abroad, which are keeping prices down at the consumer level. He said it’s still a bubble, and like them all, this one will eventually pop, too.

Just saw this announcement from Howard Rheingold

Doug Engelbart, a pioneer in interactive computing, whose ideas form the basis of the computing experience we have had for the last 30+ years died last night.

I also found this article on TechCrunch which briefly profiles his major accomplishments.


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Doug Engelbart, who passed away last night, dreamed up and constructed most of the digital world we live in today — not just the mouse, but hypertext, multimedia, online group communication (his SRI group was ARPAnet’s first Network Information Center), outlines that expand and contract with a click. This is the chapter of Tools for Thought that I wrote about him in 1985.