Remembering Scott Carpenter

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Heard news that Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter died a couple days ago. He was the second American to orbit the Earth, after John Glenn.

Carpenter has been regarded as a local hero in Boulder, CO. He was born and raised here. IIRC, he went to my high school, Boulder High, and graduated from CU Boulder. A little trivia I learned about him is that the name of his flight, Aurora 7, was named after the street intersection in Boulder where his maternal grandparents lived, Aurora & 7th.

The first images of Earth from space…in 1946!

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For most of my life I thought the first images of Earth from space were taken during our early space program in the 1960s. It turns out that was way off. The first images were taken in 1946, using automatic movie cameras installed inside of German-designed V-2 rockets, which were launched from White Sands, NM.

What’s cool to contemplate is that now a few people with an iPhone and a weather balloon can take the same kind of movies. 🙂