Pat Caddell: Media Have Become an “Enemy of the American people”

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This is from Sept. 2012, but it’s still true.

Pat Caddell is an interesting figure in the Washington scene. IIRC he was Pres. Carter’s campaign manager. He’s still a liberal, but he hates what the Democratic Party has become, and so in the last 7 years or so he’s been in league with conservatives, opposing the Democrats. Here, he talks about something I’ve known for a while. Popular news outlets are acting as a political interest group in their own right. Nothing wrong with that. During the 19th century it was common for news outlets to be politically biased. The difference was they were up front about it. Today, they’re functioning under the implicit assumption, which they expect to be accepted by their audience, that they are “objective,” and so should be judged as pretty much beyond reproach. He apparently believes this should be the operating assumption of all concerned, but this is the real problem. Nevertheless, I found what he had to say here valuable.