Miles O’Brien commemorating the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing

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We’re at the tail end of the commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the first Moon landing. I thought this interview with Miles O’Brien on C-SPAN from July 18 was chock full of perspective on our manned space program, not just because he was talking, but also the informative callers. It’s worth a listen.

Just before this segment began, Miles and the interviewer had been watching some vintage CBS News footage of the first Moon landing with Walter Cronkite.

Ivan Oransky on the epidemic of retractions of scientific papers

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Academic fraud is not something that’s been on my mind a lot WRT science, but another topic Oransky covers in this interview, and on his blog, Retraction Watch, is mistaken overstatement of evidence, so called “significance chasing,” which is disturbingly common in science these days, so I read. It’s an important topic to consider, as these days science enters into everything from health claims, to education, to public policy.