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On The Internet of Things (IoT)

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Hi Pete,

Thought you would be interested in this. It may not go anywhere. It’s about GE trying to get into “the internet of things.” The article mentioned railroads.


2 thoughts on “On The Internet of Things (IoT)

  1. The thing that’s scary about it is I keep reading about cars that have been hacked remotely, and can be made to do things like not engage the brakes, or drive the car off the road. IIRC these were only in professional settings, but the hacks have been to technology that’s being used in cars today, mostly issued by insurance companies, but they provide an entry point to other systems in the car. The problem is the security in these add-ons seems to not be very good. There is a sort of access code to them. What the issuers are counting on is they think it’s unlikely someone can guess them, but apparently it’s not too hard just using a brute force method.

    I thought this article would be of interest, since what GE is talking about might coincide with some of the projects you’re involved in, but maybe not. It was reminiscent of one of the projects I did while at Core, anyway. I think it was called UP-ATS. Back then we had them scanning barcodes of devices on trains, but it’s not too much of a leap to having the onboard devices communicate with a company’s servers wirelessly.

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