Reminiscing about Compute! Magazine

This guy really captures what Compute! Magazine was like (except for reading out code for someone else to type in. I typed it in myself), and what it means to me.

I wrote about my own experience with Compute! at

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If you need some classics for when the news gets slow this month: One of our favorite origin stories of nerdy Ars-i-ness involves coding by hand

In memoriam: Charles Thacker

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CACM also has an article [ ] but you may have trouble accessing it.

“Charles Thacker, one of the lead hardware designers on the Xerox Alto, the first modern personal computer, died of a brief illness on Monday. He was 74.

The Alto, which was released in 1973 but was never a commercial success, was an incredibly influential machine. Ahead of its time, it boasted resizeable windows as part of its graphical user interface, along with a mouse, Ethernet, and numerous other technologies that didn’t become standard until years later. (Last year, Y Combinator acquired one and began restoring it.)”