Peter Hanson Michael on America’s first president

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I can’t recommend this enough to American history buffs. This is Peter Hanson Michael talking about John Hanson, America’s first president under the Articles of Confederation. The significant part of this story is the fact that Hanson gave critical support to the revolution to separate from England, and then to the new government that formed after it was over. A great thing about this talk as well is that Michael gives a real sense of an emergent nation, in terms of its political institutions, going from the first Continental Congress to the Constitution.

Another striking part of the history is what happened to Hanson’s, and his wife’s burial plots through the years. It’s tragic.

Miles O’Brien commemorating the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing

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We’re at the tail end of the commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the first Moon landing. I thought this interview with Miles O’Brien on C-SPAN from July 18 was chock full of perspective on our manned space program, not just because he was talking, but also the informative callers. It’s worth a listen.

Just before this segment began, Miles and the interviewer had been watching some vintage CBS News footage of the first Moon landing with Walter Cronkite.