In memoriam: Charles Thacker

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CACM also has an article [ ] but you may have trouble accessing it.

“Charles Thacker, one of the lead hardware designers on the Xerox Alto, the first modern personal computer, died of a brief illness on Monday. He was 74.

The Alto, which was released in 1973 but was never a commercial success, was an incredibly influential machine. Ahead of its time, it boasted resizeable windows as part of its graphical user interface, along with a mouse, Ethernet, and numerous other technologies that didn’t become standard until years later. (Last year, Y Combinator acquired one and began restoring it.)”

Alan Kay’s interview from “The Machine That Changed The World”

This is the complete, unedited interview with Alan Kay, which was used in the 1992 documentary, “The Machine That Changed The World.” Only a very short clip of this (about 30 seconds to a minute) appeared in the documentary.

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A great interview with Alan Kay on the history of computing and its ideas so far and on what had then been current and future in 1990 (and hasn’t become history by now).